Commercial Services Overview

En-Tech Associates, Inc. provides the Central New York area with Commercial Building consulting, design, testing, and implementation services with the primary focus of maximizing the energy performance of our clients’ properties the most cost effective way possible.  We are dedicated to providing straight forward options to guide our clients toward achieving the greatest comfort and energy savings possible while taking advantage of all available incentive programs.  If there is free money available that is aligned with client project objectives, we will outline a plan to qualify the project to receive it. Energy efficiency has become a necessity in today’s economy, particularly for commercial properties to improve the profitability, valuation, and marketability of your property assets.

Our commercial and multifamily clients are typically Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, or Property Managers.  En-Tech provides a full array of services for our clients including consulting work, full design, testing and diagnostics, and implementation of our recommendations.  We can develop the plan and work with your own service providers if that is your preference.  No matter which route you decide to take, En-Tech is ready to assist with your next project.

Why look anywhere else? En-Tech is well established in the industry, servicing customers in Central New York since 1983, well before building energy efficiency concepts became wide-spread. En-Tech is fully certified well beyond the industry benchmarks and is fully trained in all services within the Energy Performance Industry (including the renewable energy services including Solar, GeoThermal, and Wind); we are tied to local, state, and federal incentive programs; and we are a competitive service provider.   We pride ourselves on our reputation which has been established by our unmatched quality and customer service.  The En-Tech team is ready to support your next project.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

We cover a broad and deep spectrum of services that make us a complete / comprehensive Commercial Building scientist in the industry.

- HVAC System – Furnace, Air Conditioning, Ventilation System
- Building Envelope – Windows, doors, insulation, air sealing
- Structural – Basement dewatering, roofing
- Electrical – Lighting, peak power loading
- External Environment – Solar loading, weather considerations